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If I get hit by a bus . . .

Like many of my colleagues, I wear a variety of different “hats” for several of our clients at AMPED. Keeping track of these hats can be a bit hectic at times. Luckily, the person who I took over for when I started at AMPED kept very detailed notes of the tasks she performed and the instructions for performing them. Over time, I’ve added to these notes as my position has evolved, documenting each task by client. I call it my “If I get hit by a bus” binder. No—really—I do! 


At one point, it was a physical binder that I kept in my desk. I still have this binder to pull out and refer to quickly, but now my “binder” is various electronic documents that live on our server so it is easily accessible by any of my colleagues for reference. They are broken out by function and then by client. For example, my membership-related tasks are in one document, separated by client. My finance-related tasks are in another document.

While documenting everything does take a bit of time, it’s worth it in the end—here’s why:

For one, it makes my job a lot easier. There are various tasks that I only perform once a month or a couple times a year—remembering exactly how to do that task can be a time suck, so by having it documented step-by-step, I can quickly refer to it as needed. Bonus: once I have it documented in my “binder,” I copy and paste the instructions in to a recurring calendar item in my Outlook so it pops up when it is time to complete the task. So easy!

Secondly, it makes transitioning work or tasks to a new employee a breeze. By documenting a process, I can walk them through it once and then pass them the instructions to refer to as needed.

Lastly, there are two bus stops outside our office, so I really might get hit by a bus! If something does ever happen to me, I’ve taken the necessary steps to know that our clients will be in good hands.

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