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  • Provide office address, phone, email and staff assistance for continuity of programs and activities
  • Provide adequate staff to execute clerical, administrative, secretarial, and financial functions consistent with the duties assigned for management services
  • Respond to inquiries for information about the association and its meetings
  • Execute contracts and commitments authorized by the association and signed by the President
  • Assist in maintaining association’s non-profit status
  • Maintain association insurance programs as required
  • Staff-answered calls during regular business hours or with your organization’s greeting after hours

Leadership and Governance

  • Attend Board of Directors meetings
  • Assist in preparation of meeting agendas and materials; obtain support documents from Board members, committee chairs and other leaders
  • Prepare and send emails to the members under direction of the Board of Directors
  • Seek out and bring to the attention of the leaders issues, projects, and ideas that may assist the organization in furthering its objectives
  • Inform leaders of the condition and operation of the association and of important factors influencing it
  • Arrange for Board of Directors liability insurance
  • Lead the organization’s strategic planning process and development
  • Provide logistical support for in-person and virtual meetings
  • Provide ideas and solutions to the association where tasks could be performed more effectively with respect to time and cost
  • Support and grow relationships with affiliated organizations
  • Lead Strategic Planning sessions and execute as directed


  • Maintain an accessible, online database of members and outcomes data, providing real-time recruitment and access to records, registration and reports
  • Prepare regular updates of membership and registry
  • Prepare and execute annual membership renewal campaign
  • Respond to membership and registry inquiries
  • Engage strategic methods to market, convert and retain memberships

Meetings Management

  • Assist and advise Board of Directors on future meeting venues
  • Negotiate all meeting-related contracts, including F&B and A/V
  • Coordinate awards nominations, arrangements, presentation
  • Assist in the formulation of meeting budgets and provide controls to ensure budget compliance
  • Assist in issuance of registration materials and processes and assignment of rooms for meeting sessions
  • Handle all details of pre- and onsite registration, including marketing and promotions
  • Provide onsite meeting management to include: registration personnel, local and hotel social arrangements, accreditation, packets for attendees, onsite registration materials, and arrangement of conference cancellation insurance
  • Receive, record, and deposit all meeting income and pay all invoices; provide financial accounting
  • Solicit event sponsors and exhibitors
  • Develop and manage onsite mobile apps
  • Design all meeting collateral including signage, slides, give-a-ways and meeting materials

Marketing and Communications

  • Enhance and develop social media across multiple platforms for all association activities
  • Develop, integrate and manage website(s)
  • Format and distribute internal and external communications, including all journals and other publications
  • Coordinate statistics reports and market research
  • Develop and distribute all e-communications
  • Establish branding for the association, it's meetings and initiatives
  • Execute Public Relations plans and develop relationships with affiliated media

Financial Management

  • Receive, record, and deposit income (e.g. dues, interest on investments, annual meeting income, etc.)
  • Prepare for payment all duly authorized invoices
  • Maintain books and records of income and expenses
  • Assist in the preparation of the annual budget
  • Supervise the preparation of annual tax returns and any other financial statements
  • Arrange for an annual audit of financial records by an independent outside source
  • Maintain credit card services for the association
  • Maintain and store financial files of the association
  • Prepare monthly updates of the budget for the Treasurer
  • Prepare weekly list of check runs for the Treasurer

Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

Certification Management

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