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Testimonial Quote AMPED are a young, dynamic, and highly skilled company with the ability to grow our membership, expand our social media presence, establish a strong research framework with the funds to support it, and help us achieve our organizational goals while ensuring financial stability and transparency. We will continue to work toward aligning our activities with our overall strategic goals and feel confident that we’re heading in the right direction.
Cathy Hazzard
Board Member
Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association
Testimonial QuoteI wanted to pass on my sincerest gratitude for the efforts put into making our Board orientation and meeting such a success. I know so much goes on behind the scenes. You were amazing and the Board is very pleased with the services, the ideas, the input, the energy and commitment they are seeing from our staff. Our gratitude to Emily, as well, for all the great transition work. We know what was received may not be complete or in the best condition so we really appreciate the effort you are all making to sort it out. Also the work that Brittany is doing for our revenue generation with sponsorships was commented on with a high level of recognition and greatly appreciated. We love the sponsorship prospectus. The creative work on the piece is so impressive. Beautiful!
Carol Hunter
Leadership California
Testimonial Quote Lynda, I wanted to reach back to you regarding the convention and the work done by the AMPED staff. You would have been proud of the way the team took care of business in a very professional and fun way. Everyone was great. Michael did a fantastic job. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate his leadership, ownership, and attention to detail. He is engaged, willing to help and just does a great job with everyone in attendance.
John Grasmeyer
Past President
NIBA- The Belting Association





Testimonial Quote Great job putting together our virtual business meeting! When you pull programs like this off, it confirms that we made the right decision four years ago to transition to AMPED. You and your staff came through when it was needed the most. I would hate to think where NIBA would be without your expertise and professional approach to situations like we are experiencing today. Congratulations! Your efforts do not go unnoticed.
Vernon Smith
NIBA - The Belting Association
Testimonial Quote Lynda very much shares the vision our Board has for this organization. Indeed, she has led the charge in many ways we could not, acting with energy and passion in everything she does. We tackled several new initiatives this year that would not have been possible without Lynda’s forward-thinking and experimental vision for how associations can and should work.
Eric Lanke, CAE
Former WSAE Chair
CEO, National Fluid Power Association
Testimonial Quote Just a quick note of thanks to you and AMPED for the strategic planning meeting. I have been to many over the years and this was by far most organized and productive I have seen. And also thanks for taking such great care of SRA. As you know, so many of us are quite passionate about this organization and it is clear to me that you all get us and now are an essential part of us going forward.
John E. Schulenberg, PhD
Past President
Society for Research on Adolescence





Testimonial Quote The AMC Institute accreditation is testimony to the incredible job Lynda and her team have done for the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). The CSIA has seen significant membership growth, highly rated conferences, solid financial performance, and an increasing list of membership benefits over the last few years. This would not be possible without AMPED's leadership and professional approach to managing our association.
Ed Diehl
Former CSIA Chairman of the Board
Testimonial Quote I met Lynda Patterson and the AMPED team through their association with WSAE (Wisconsin Society for Association Executives), of which I am a member. I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and experience in all facets of association management. In 2009, when our Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) was still in its infancy, I reached out to Lynda and her team to conduct a Strategic Planning Session for us. Since then, I have enlisted AMPED's help with doing the same thing for other groups that I am involved with and they never lets us down. I don't doubt that you will be very well served by Lynda's team, their culture of customer service and vast experience in association management..
Jennifer Hahn
Executive Director, Junior Volleyball Association
Testimonial Quote AMPED offices and staff are just as impressive as their proposal and interview. They are organized, professional, articulate and friendly. They know their business and have extensive experience in working with associations of all different types. As many of us have said – ‘They get it.’ We made a good choice and they are very pleased to have been chosen. Bottom line - AMPED is an excellent organization with sound management and good people. They will do a great job for the NAFA.
Jim Rosenthal
Past President, Search Committee member
National Air Filtration Association


Testimonial Quote Working with the AMPED staff has been a true pleasure. They are quite innovative in their approach to communication. For example, they were among the first Higher Logic clients to use the social media platform as a hybrid, public-member website. Their creative staff is always game to use technology to serve their members and attract new members.
Andy Steggles
President & Chief Social Strategist
Higher Logic, LLC
Testimonial QuoteI wanted to share with you feedback that I have been getting from the AAWC leadership. The Board and Executive Committee are very, very positive and charged. They describe your team as "awesome" to work with! You have brought vitality back into the organization in short order. In addition, I have personally worked with Kris Ackely and found her to be a gem - refreshing! I am so thankful that you followed up with me and that we went with AMPED when we were making a management change.
Greg Bohn, MD
Past President, Association for the Advancement of Wound Care
Testimonial Quote Your support on the back-end of our first virtual conference turned our dream into a reality. Thank you for your guidance and willingness to communicate, communicate, communicate to ensure everyone had exactly what they needed. Our growth together made this signature event a success.
From a volunteer following the 2021 virtual DEI event of Women in Government Relations


Testimonial Quote Jen Brydges, CAE is such a courageous leader! She is someone who leads from the heart. Leadership California is so lucky to have her as our ED.
Dr. Janice Doucet Thompson
Former board member, Leadership California

Testimonial Quote The hybrid model of association management is effective because it combines the industry expertise of the executive director with association management expertise of AMPED. When I began my role as executive director of CSIA, I had little knowledge of how trade associations function. But I did know control system integration, having managed my own company for 18 years. I understand our members’ challenges and can empathize with them.

As for association operations, leadership, budgets, strategic planning, event planning, association database management, graphic design, web management, dues processing, building staff culture, and so forth, I have no training or experience, nor the interest or time. I rely on Lynda, as president of CSIA, to apply the expertise that will accelerate our growth. And she does so very well. Ours is the perfect partnership!

Working together, we have become increasingly effective at delivering value to our members. The growth of CSIA and our reputation as an effective, professional association in the world of automation are evidence that the hybrid model of CSIA leadership and management is a model that works.

After working closely with AMPED for five years I literally have only positive feedback. What are some of AMPED’s attributes?

• Professionalism, Quality – Everything they do and produce makes you proud to be affiliated with them.
• Forward thinking, progressive – Always searching for new methodologies and technologies.
• Accountability – Financial transparency with CSIA budget, monthly P&L, etc. There are no “up charges” or hidden fees.
• Honesty – There are no politics or hidden agendas.
• Collaboration – Superior working relationship, trust, open communication, team-oriented.
• Commitment – They go the extra mile and have a sense of urgency when something really needs to be done. They have never said "No" when I had an urgent request.
• Fun – In simple terms, they are a delight to work with.

Bob-Lowe-4-12Bob Lowe, Past Executive Director
Control System Integrators Association