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Building a successful government relations event through partnerships


The missions of most AMPED clients focus on education, networking and advancing their industries or professions. For some associations, the mission is carried out, in part, through a strong government relations program. Carefully managed and planned, legislative days are an important and tangible way to provide members the chance to meet in person with their representatives face-to-face and share real life examples of how policy decisions affect them and, often, the public.

Recently, AMPED staff co-coordinated a “Day on the Hill” for one of our state association clients, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors of Wisconsin. For the first time, we planned the event in partnership with another state-wide insurance association. After a morning of presentations by the governor of Wisconsin, the commissioner of insurance and several senators and representatives, members were briefed on industry issues and mobilized to meet at the Capitol where appointments were scheduled with their state representatives. It was an incredibly successful and insightful event for all involved and was further enhanced by the relationships built by the two partnering associations. The results were increased attendance and a bigger “voice” at the Capitol.

In March, association professionals from all over the U.S. will be meeting in Washington, DC for their own legislative event. My colleagues and I will connect with Congressional offices and share our stories on important association issues like tax reform and nonprofit governance. Continued Federal Government employee attendance at meetings is also still in danger – this issue affects many associations, including our own clients.

Not all associations have missions that require legislative monitoring or action. But for those that do, the ability to come together as a group or partner with related organizations can deliver greater impact and desired outcomes.

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