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4 tips for a smooth AMC-to-AMC client transition

Last week, AMPED was excited to welcome in a new client: The Environmental Design Research Association. While our work officially began with them on April 15, there was a six-week transition period where my colleagues and I spent learning all that we possibly could to ensure a seamless hand-off. Here are a few things I found to be extremely important during this time:

1. Do your research: This seems self-explanatory, but it extends beyond reading their files or looking at their website. It includes monitoring their social media accounts regularly to see what content is posted and how often, reading their publications and blog posts, and reviewing any online community the client may have. All of these give perspective on the association and the level of involvement there is from staff, volunteers and members.

2. Communication: Over the span of the transition period, my colleagues and I listened in on or participated in over 30 conference calls with our new client and their old management team. These calls ranged from weekly check-in meetings regarding the upcoming annual meeting, to committee calls, to one-on-one calls to meet each individual board member. During this process, we utilized screen share technology, which ended up being an invaluable tool. This allowed our counterparts to visually walk us through the files and programs that the new client uses and made learning so much easier.

3. Have a checklist: In order to make sure certain operational tasks, like the transition of phone lines, files and financial accounts, are not lost during the bustle of the transition and are completed in a timely manner, create a checklist before the transition begins. AMPED had a well-developed checklist that was tailored for our new client and presented to them at our first meeting. This way, they knew exactly what to expect from our team during the transition. In addition, our counterparts also had a list that we could cross-reference. Having both lists kept us all accountable.

4. Stay positive: While we engaged ourselves as much as possible before the actual transition date, we continue to learn more about our client every day, and honestly, it can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, the old management team is still willing to help and be a resource whenever we have questions. That support, plus our ability to maintain a positive and upbeat attitude makes the process more fun and less daunting!

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