The word of the year for successful associations? Pivot.

For AMPED and our association clients who rely on annual conferences and trade shows to deliver education and grow membership, 2020 was a chance to explore virtual meeting options, try something new without fear of failure, and, yes, pivot.

It started in March, when the pandemic stay-at-home orders hit just weeks before the annual conference of one of our newest association clients. Staff immediately moved the meeting online and partnered with a virtual platform company to deliver four days of education with both live and prerecorded content. The result was a successful event whose net income was 28 times higher than was budgeted for the original in-person meeting!

With the tremendous success and knowledge gained from that first conference, and signs of a worsening pandemic, staff and client leaders made the decision to move all scheduled events online.

AMPED isn’t a stranger to change and innovative thinking. Nor do we rely on one-size-fits-all solutions. This was an important change for our clients and one that required customized solutions for each.

Throughout 2020, AMPED explored dozens of virtual platforms, mindful of the goals and priorities of each client and their meetings. By year’s-end, we had executed dozens of major conferences online for audiences of up to 9,000 attendees, gaining experience on at least nine different platforms, with costs ranging from $2,000 to $175,000.

Without a doubt, the virtual aspect of association meetings will remain vital through 2021 and beyond, whether as a key component or hybrid. And our clients will be ready for it.

AMPED is proud of our innovative culture! It encouraged us to “pivot” and seamlessly deliver virtual meeting experiences to our association clients using solutions customized for them.

Lessons learned and tips for delivering a successful virtual meeting

Published in AMC Institute's Member Matters newsletter.