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Going electronic: How this accountant got converted


This is the electronic era, so we should be storing files electronically, right?

But I like my paper files, I say. I am much more comfortable with paper and file folders.
Well, that’s wonderful if you are in the office and can physically access those paper files. But, what if you need to work remotely? Not so good.

While I argued many years for paper, due to a recent move and remote work set up, I am now understanding just how convenient it is to have the files you need stored in “folders” on your network. Now, when someone asks me to email them a document, instead of saying “I will get it to you as soon as I scan and email it,” I say “I will have it to you right away.”

AMPED has developed a system of saving and storing all our files in electronic format, including the biggest storage user of all — paid bills. We have an efficient system of scanning bills to an “inbox,” then to QuickBooks and finally an electronic “paid bills” folder. When the check is written, we add the check number to the bill description.

And we’re not stopping there. Our next step toward complete electronic filing will be integrating to download bills and checks paid into QuickBooks, further reducing storage on your own servers. Here’s the process: Bills are entered into and accessible to whomever would otherwise sign the checks. There, the bills are authorized for payment by the signer. Finally, the checks are printed. No more need to make sure a signer is on hand for that last-minute check request; she can authorize payment from the airport on her way to an important meeting. Need a copy of the bill? Just download it from “the cloud.” Further, electronic bank statements with corresponding electronic reconciliations will be easy for the organization’s treasurer to review and approve.

Consider converting your paper file system to an electronic system. As long as you can log in to your server remotely, you’ll always have access to all of your important files. If I can become a convert, so can you!

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