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It’s 3 o’clock somewhere!


That groggy and lethargic feeling that we are all too familiar with is what I like to call the 3 o’clock slump. Many of us have our go-to fix that helps us get through the end of the day. I know when I am feeling groggy I go straight to coffee which may not always be the best choice.

I think it is helpful to have a few tricks in our arsenal to help us get through the slump. Below are a few tricks and tips to stay energized and re-energize after the 3 o’clock slump hits you.

Take a hike: No seriously, go for a walk. Getting up from your desk and taking a quick walk can get your blood flowing and wake you up. If you can get outside and go for a walk, great, go out and get a healthy dose of vitamin D! If you have to stay inside, no worries, just do a few laps around the office. You can also get moving by walking over to a co-worker and asking a question instead of e-mailing them. If you need motivation to get up and moving either set an alarm or grab a buddy, chances are they will be more than willing to go walk with you.

Snack Time: Snack time is not just for children, we adults need it too. In order to boost energy you must snack smart, choose foods with high protein and fiber. The combination of high protein and fiber will keep you full and energized. Try nuts, they are packed full of protein and fiber. You can even make your own trail mix!

Housekeeping: Cleaning your desk can be a great way to shake you out of your slump. Cleaning your desk is a mindless task that does not require copious amounts of concentration, however it will leave you feeling accomplished, focused, and ready to take on another task! Having a clean work environment can also reduce your stress levels giving you an added bonus.

Hydrate: Did you know that fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration? It is recommended that the average male drinks 3.7 liters a day, and the average female drinks 2.7 liters of water every day. If you find that you’re having trouble getting in your recommended amount of water try adding fruit to your water for a little flavor. If bubbles are your thing, try sparkling water — those too come in fun flavors. A fun new water bottle doesn’t hurt either!

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