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Viles-Monari Named One of Forty Under 40

Viles 1928 2016 HeadshotAMPED Association Management is proud to announce that Emily Viles-Monari has earned the prestigious 2018 Forty Under 40 Award from Association Forum of Chicago and USAE Weekly Newspaper.

“It is an honor to have been selected for the 2018 Forty Under 40 award, and I am thrilled to be able to share this experience with so many talented industry professionals, including many of those in my ASAE 2017 NextGen class,” she said. “I know that my success is a reflection of the great mentors, colleagues and peers I have the pleasure of working and growing with. They have impacted both my career and life in ways I could never thank them enough for.”

Viles-Monari is the Meeting Technology Manager at AMPED and a 2014 graduate of the University of Wisconsin. While she initially began working at AMPED to earn experience before heading to law school, after four years, she’s discovered she has a passion for association work.

“It has been so gratifying watching Emily grow professionally at AMPED,” said AMPED President and Owner Lynda J. Patterson, CAE, FASAE. “Emily has created her own role as she got more experience and found her true passion. We are all so proud of her for being recognized this way. It’s wonderful to see that others in our industry have noticed too!”

The Forty Under 40 Award is given to 40 accomplished association or non-profit professionals who are under the age of 40, demonstrate high potential for continued success in leadership roles and exhibit a strong passion for - and commitment to - the association management and nonprofit industries.

Viles-Monari and her fellow recipients received their awards at a private ceremony in Chicago on December 12, 2018.

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AMPED Association Management Acquires NonProfit Resources, Inc.

 DITL image II

NonProfit Resources, Inc. (NPR), an association management company (AMC) located in Glenwood Springs, CO announced today the sale of its client accounts to AMPED Association Management, an AMCI-accredited company headquartered in Madison, WI with offices in Washington, DC. The sale comes after an announcement earlier this year that the owners, Stan Orr, FASAE, CAE, and Cindy Challis Orr, plan to retire at the end of 2019 after more than 70 years of combined service to the association management profession, including 24 years at the helm of NPR, the company they founded in 1995.

When they started thinking about closing their doors, Stan sought advice from many in the industry, including several ASAE Fellows, of which he has been a member since 1994. Among these was Lynda Patterson, FASAE, CAE, owner of AMPED.

“As our discussions became more frequent, I realized that Lynda’s management approach mirrored our own,” said Stan. “the cultures were a perfect match.”  

“We complement each other well,” says Patterson. “After talking with Stan and Cindy and learning more about their AMC and clients, it became clear just how similar we were in both our business philosophy and the culture we had each grown within our companies. Integrating NPR means more than strengthening our client mix; it also means expanding our geographic location and benefitting from the unique talents of the NPR staff.”

Cindy added, “We feel extremely fortunate to have found AMPED and see them as a perfect fit for the culture of our staff. We recognize how critically important culture is for a successful sale, not only of staff but the culture that exists within our clients. The biggest difference is that AMPED is a larger company than ours. While some might fear our clients will be swallowed up, we see within Lynda’s organization a passionate, professional staff that will take our clients and grow them to new heights.”  

The Orrs had been warned that the sale of their company could take a year or more to accomplish.  The hard part wasn’t selling the company, it was the transition period needed to successfully pass on their clients to a new AMC.

According to Stan, “That is the difficult part. The devil is in the details if you want your clients to transition as smoothly as possible. But honestly, we have felt comfortable from the start knowing Lynda and her team place the same level of importance on culture that we do. That is proving to be a key to success.”

Orr went on to say that he is unsure how difficult it is for an organization to leave one AMC for another, because, according to him, “Lynda’s approach is total transparency, and she deploys a wonderful stop gap to ensure a seamless move through a process AMPED calls Integrated Management. Overnight, our staff bandwidth increased significantly even though the passing of the baton is still six months away.”

His advice? Culture comes first. Engage your clients at a strategic level. Make sure the volunteer leaders understand how important culture is, and make sure you bring a new AMC to them with a proven track record. “And cross your fingers that you find an AMC like AMPED.”

While they are stepping away from the day-to-day activities of managing organizations, Stan says he will “continue to be active in the profession through other endeavors.”

“We plan to travel, spend time with grandkids, and, interestingly enough, get reacquainted with each other,” he said.

AMPED will maintain the office and staff team in Glenwood Springs, CO and has already begun the process of integrating NPR operations with AMPED’s in Madison, WI, Washington, DC and other remote offices.

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An intern’s perspective: First impressions of AMPED

Adam Graves June 2018 for webby Adam Graves, AMPED financial intern.  

At some point we’ve all been the outsider who has had to adapt to new people and a new environment. Whether you’re moving from one city to another, switching teams, shifting workplaces, or something completely different, there is always a degree of anxious excitement associated with the change. Having made the jump from my past, laid-back jobs in family entertainment and retail to being an intern at AMPED, there was an expectation that there would be major changes from what I had previously become accustomed to. Knowing what I know now, after all of three weeks, there are a few things I have picked up on about my co-workers and the general culture of the workplace we share.

Things are different… but a lot of things are quite similar to my past jobs. The smaller staff size is something that I’m used to and starting my internship right after Memorial Day where a lot of staff were out of town, on vacation, at conferences, etc. allowed me to get settled in a low-pressure environment and meet my co-workers in waves instead of all at once. Everyone was incredibly friendly, and the staff meeting on my first day allowed me to get a small idea of what each of my co-workers do for the clients AMPED serves. The group is very tight-knit as the workspace is physically small and the success of AMPED and the associations depend of everyone working efficiently and working together. The office culture is far more relaxed than I would have imagined for a more professional environment; almost everyone has their music playing when I walk into my co-workers’ offices and the attire ranges from casual to professional depending on what is happening on any given day. These were welcome sights on my first day as an intern with no prior office experience.

My co-workers work for AMPED, but don’t. Everyone is super invested in the associations they represent. Shirts, buttons, drinking receptacles, and other trinkets for the various associations can be seen at every turn. People are genuinely interested and have gathered tons of knowledge on the many associations they serve. Given that we work in such close coordination with the different associations, it makes sense that there a lot of pride associated with providing the best possible service to them.

What’s in the kitchen? Seriously, what is in the kitchen? It’s always interesting to see what tasty treat someone has brought in on any given day. It seems like a lot of times when something is brought in there is a significant event in someone’s life that prompts the purchase or creation of these delicious delights so the food allows you to gain a bit of insight about the person who brings it in. Other times it’s as simple as passing on some leftovers from family meals to our work family. Regardless, this cornerstone is something that brings everyone in the office together.

Other thoughts. AMPED has been so welcoming that I’ve been introduced at our Monday meeting for three weeks straight. If I’m lucky next week will make four.

AMPED provides a very unique work experience due to the friendly, hardworking people who allow it to provide a diverse variety of services to its clients. The qualities that make AMPED so welcoming to me as a new employee also make it attractive to its present and future clients. The laid-back environment and the hardworking people undeniably make AMPED feel like home from day one whether you’re a new employee or a new association looking to be managed.

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NIBA – The Belting Association promotes Michael Battaglia to Executive Director

Battaglia headshot 2017AMPED Association Management is pleased to announce that Michael Battaglia has been promoted to Executive Director of AMPED client NIBA – The Belting Association. Battaglia had previously worked with NIBA as their Associate Executive Director. He replaces Lynda J. Patterson, FASAE, CAE who served as Executive Director during NIBA’s first year under AMPED management.

“Michael has been a part of the NIBA team for over a year now and has helped lead the growth of the association,” said Bill Hornsby, NIBA president. “He’s a great colleague and I’m pleased to welcome him on board as the new NIBA Executive Director to help lead us forward”

“I’m excited to take on this new opportunity,” said Battaglia. “NIBA has seen several advancements in the last year and there’s so much more to come! The Board is planning some new initiatives and has set aggressive goals for growth. I look forward to helping lead our team to achieve them.”

Battaglia has over ten years’ experience in non-profit management, specifically in marketing, communications, event management, membership engagement and information technology. In addition to his role as Executive Director of NIBA, he also serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications for AMPED client the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), an association for construction-building industry professionals.

Founded in 1927, NIBA is dedicated to promoting the interaction between value added distributors and manufacturers of conveyor belt components. The association currently has over 260-member companies, including distributor/fabricators, manufacturers, and affiliates from around the world.

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AMPED Association Management Selected to Manage Society for Research in Adolescence

sra logoAMPED Association Management, an accredited full-service association management company with offices in Madison, Wisconsin and Metro Washington, DC, has been selected to manage the Society for Research in Adolescence (SRA).

As a partner with SRA, AMPED brings a wealth of scientific association experience and provides full management services, including leadership/best practices, strategic planning, governance, policy, membership development, meeting planning, financial management, and communications.

“AMPED is thrilled to be working with SRA,” said Jen Brydges, SRA’s new executive director. “SRA is such an important organization, bringing together researchers focusing on understanding adolescence and enhancing the wellbeing of youth in today’s globalized world. We are excited to work diligently to grow the organization and promote the groundbreaking work that is being done in this area of social science.”

 “SRA couldn’t be in better hands,” said SRA President Robert Crosnoe.  “Any major transition can seem scary, but not this one because we know that AMPED is going to make it seamless. The people at AMPED get what we do and are committed to helping SRA achieve its missions of promoting research to make the world a better place for young people. What a partnership this will be!”

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